Collaborating with Companies, Startups and Entrepreneurs in adopting Digital Transformation into the world of HR Technologies with 'Sense of Right and Wrong'.


A new way of thinking has already evolved, role for HR is changing, digital technology are everywhere, disrupting business models and changing the workplace & the future of work.

HRTech Conscience’s mission is to make leaders in understanding and collaborating HR technology by adopting Digital Transformation. HRTech Conscience helps in deciding the sense of right and wrong in driving Digital HR.

feedback Real Time Feedback and Analytics                             Social network backgound with media icons Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture              

performance-png-9617 Rethinking Performance Management                     ce_icon_rev-01 Employee Experiences, Happiness & Well-Being

icon-learning-and-development Reinventing Learning & Development                     untitled Improving & Transforming Talent Management

orgdeg Organizational Redesign                                            tech Enabling Technology like AI, Wearables etc.

Engaging with HRTech Startups for disrupting products & solutions, growing business engagement, overcome challenges and transforming businesses are the primary focus of HRTech Conscience. By helping Startups to gain momentum in this challenging and competitive market, HRTech Conscience become the the first Startup Transformer”.

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