Both HR and Technologies are disrupting rapidly in the era of Digital Transformation. To get stand and lead into your market and industry, you need to get bang on the Digital Disruption challenges.

Digital technology is also radically improving the performance of enterprises and is a hot topic for organizations across the globe. Companies in across all the industries are using digital advances such as clouds, analytics,  gamification, mobility, social media and smart devices, also improving their use of traditional technologies such as ERP, CRM, HCM, by simplifying their internal processes, customer experiences and value propositions. And Digital Transformation is the methodology in which organizations transform and create new business models and culture with digital Technology.

Digital technology is continuing to evolve at lightning speed and it pervades nearly every aspect of our working lives. Digital will allow people to take significantly more responsibility for talent management and Human Resource activities. It is embedding talent management as framework of everyday business.

HR Technologies are just become a vital component of organizational performance in an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world. How new HRIS or existing HR Systems will integrate with your current processes or how it adapt to simplification of the current business processes  is often the most critical challenge for the HR Technology. A proper Digital Transformation could only lead an organization to their top whether they are big, medium or small enterprises or they are just Startups.

Most focused and challenged factors in transforming HR digitally:

  1. HR Strategy towards Digital Transformation
  2. Simplification of the business processes using user experience
  3. Choosing right Digital Technologies suiting the business needs
  4. Understanding the Integration and Security aspects
  5. Rethinking for further enhancements and innovation

A new way of thinking has already evolved, role for HR is changing, digital technology are everywhere, disrupting business models and changing the workplace & the future of work. Focus is ON the drivers of new way of thinking for the Transformation .


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